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Dishwasher on it's last legs?

Find a replacement second hand dishwasher near you.

Why pay hight street prices for a new dishwasher when you can find good quality second hand dishwashers online instead.

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Second Hand Dishwashers For Sale

Smeg LSP222BIT Dishwasher Undertop 13 Covered in White 60 cm 5 Programs
Whirlpool ADG301 Dishwasher Recessed Slim 45 cm Class a +10 Covered
New Dishwasher Undertop Recessed 50CM in Smeg ST2FABPK Pink Years 50'
P. E. Shop - Dishwasher Smeg Years 50 Domed Mod. ST2FAB 60 cm 13 Covered
P. E. Shop New Dishwasher Undertop Recessed 50 cm Class a Smeg ST2FABP2
Smeg BLV2R-2 Red Dishwasher Aesthetics Years 50' 60cm Class a 13 Covered
Smeg LSP222NIT Dishwasher Undertop 13 Covered in Black 60 cm 5 Programs
Smeg LVS222SXIT Dishwasher 13 Covered in Door Stainless Anti-fingerprint 49 DB
Beko DIN15Q10 Integrated Built-in Dishwasher built in code logan
Electrolux TT1013R5 Dishwasher XXL 60 cm 15 Covered Class a 7 Programs
Whirlpool Wfc 3C26 Px Dishwasher 14 Covered Class a 60x60 CM
Indesit Dif 14B1 in Eu Dishwasher 13 Covered Class a + Concealed Total
Hotpoint HKIO3C22CEW Dishwasher Concealed Total 14 Covered Class a 60 CM
Bosch SMS25AW01J Dishwasher 12 covered Class 5 Programs
Hotpoint Ariston LTB4B019EU Dishwasher in Concealed Class a +13 Covered
Indesit DFG15B1SIT Dishwasher Free Installation Covered 13 Class a+
Candy CDIM6766 Dishwasher Recessed 16 Covered Class a 12 Programs
Candy CDI3615 Dishwasher Recessed 16 Covered Class a +10 Programs 44dB(in)
Smeg STA6539L3 Dishwasher Semi-Professional 60 cm Class a 10 Programs

Welcome to

You've guessed it, we setup this website to help British people like yourself find a cheap replacement and local dishwasher. Most of the washers listed on this website are listed on eBay. Most are seconf hand, but we list quite a few brand new dishwashers too

Why would somebody sell their dishwasher?

There are many reasons. Maybe somebody bought a dishwasher which won't fit in their new kitchen, but they can't return it for some reason. Maybe a seller recently upgraded or downgraded their existing washer and have one surplus to requirement. Maybe somebody received a dish washer as an unwanted gift or inheritance. Whatever the reason, you can usually pick up a real bargain. We've seen buy it now listings for decent looking machines for as little as £30.

Is it worth buying a second hand machines any good?

It depends on the quality or life expectancy of the machine you're after really. We like to think anyone who is likely to sell a dishwasher is doing so in good faith. We suggest you read our "Do's and Don'ts" article before buying a machine from anyone.